Digital Badges

Digital Badges

The Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce and the Health Sector Collaborative launched Digital Badges in cooperation with the 9 campuses of the Los Angeles Community College District: East Los Angeles College, Los Angeles City College, Los Angeles Harbor College, Los Angeles Mission College, Los Angeles Pierce College, Los Angeles Southwest College, Los Angeles Trade-Technical College, Los Angeles Valley College and West Los Angeles College. Digital Badges are used to verify and “package” competencies. This new technology increases the portability of competency based credentials and allows for more refined descriptions of competency and assessment protocols. Often compared to the merit badges earned by scouts, academic badging is an effective form of “micro-credentialing”.

Digital Badges are:

Collectable: Students will collect multiple badges to show different skills & achievements.

Industry Recognized: The competency reflected in the “Digital Badges” are vetted by healthcare employers. Each badge provides background information about the issuer and the criteria used to demonstrate competency.

Visual: Badges will be displayed as icons on resumes and social media profiles.

Teamwork, Collaboration and Conflict Resolution Badge   Safe Practice and Infection Control Badge - LACCD   Professionalism, Integrity and Ethics Badge   L.A. Area Chamber of Commerce Work Ready Certified Badge  HIPAA Trained  Diversity and Cultural Awareness Badge - LACCD   Digital Literacy 2015-2016   Customer Service, Compassion, Empathy Badge  Basic Medical Terminology Badge

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Digital Badges Article:

Education Week Blog: (April 5, 2016)
Digital Badges Have Revolutionary Potential

Badges can become one of the ways that students fulfill performance requirements included in the Common Core standards.  The badges offer a richer assessment tool than Smarter/Balanced or any other standardized testing program.  Because the information contained in the badge record is granular, more like narrative grades, it conveys a more complete sense of what a student has learned“…. Read More