Health Science Foundation Courses

The Health Science Foundation Courses (HSFC) are a competency based set of 4 courses that prepares students for the rapidly changing health care career environment. Click here if you’re interested in this program.  HSFC includes:

HOC 62 Skill Set for the Health Care Professional (2 units or 72 hours. Theory and lab)

This course is an introduction of the concepts and skills that serve as a foundation for the health care professions. Topics include hygiene and safety, infection control, basic client monitoring and basic first aid, therapeutic communication and basic health documentation.

HOC 63 Basic Medical Terminology, Pathophysiology and Pharmacology for the Health Care Professional (2 units or 36 hours)

This basic medical language course will discuss common diseases and injuries and their pharmacological treatment using medical terminology in English and Spanish, when appropriate.

HOC 64 Cultural and Legal Topics for the Health Care Professional (1 unit or 18 hours)

This course provides an overview of the concepts of health and illness, cultural diversity and legal issues that affect the health care professional

HOC 65 Fundamentals for the Health Care Professional (2.5 units or 45 hours)

This course explores career options in the health care industry, healthy behavior for health care workers, work ethics, professional resumes and interviewing skills and personality traits of a health care professional.